What's trending in solid hardwood flooring?

What's trending in solid hardwood flooring?

The choice to switch to wood flooring is a big deal for many reasons. First, this surface is impressive and offers a lifespan exceeding 100 years.

But they also offer timeless visuals to match any decor you currently have in place. And you'll enjoy various added benefits that work in every room.

Gray and greige colors

These trends offer a neutral surface that allows your decor to take center stage. Gray comes in various hues, from light to dark, and even high-variation choices.

Greige is a beautiful combination of both gray and beige. The result is a muted wood flooring color that pairs well with almost any option.

Whitewashed trends work for a variety of settings

Many decor options work well with whitewashed hardwood. It matches rustic, farmhouse chic, modern interiors, and much more.

This trend can also help create a bright, beachy feel wherever it's installed. It's perfect for spaces with an open-air feel and lots of natural light.

Textured finishes are popular

There are several textured finishes you can choose for your flooring installation. Consider distressed, wire brushed, or hand scraped options for various visuals.

These engineered and solid hardwood flooring textures help protect your floors as well. You'll see fewer scratches and scuffs with a surface like this.

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