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Area rugs enhance your home’s form and function

Area rugs can define and divide a space, add an extra layer of design and provide the same function as any other carpet, including absorbing sound to provide soft falls. At Good's Floor Store, we have a large assortment of stock area rugs, but we also offer an in-house custom area rug binding service. That service, combined with our large inventory of carpet remnants, enables you to create your unique design.

Precise measuring is important

Before you even begin shopping, measure the room carefully while the furniture is still in it. Ideally, the rug should fit under major furniture pieces, such as the sofa or coffee table, with an extension of at least 12 inches. If that is not possible, the rug should be anchored by the furniture's two front legs. The rule is to get a rug the same size as the dining table; it should be large enough to fit both the table and chairs.

If you have trouble visualizing rugs and space, consider the following general rules. Standard 5by7 rugs will fit in a small living room, while larger 9'x12 ones will work well in either a 12'x18' or larger living room or an open-plan space. Choosing the wrong size can make or break your look. If you have any questions at all, you should consult with your area rug retailer.

What is carpet binding?

Carpet binding is the process of finishing the edges of a rug, either with stitching or fabric (usually polyester) or adhesives. It keeps the edges from fraying or unraveling, giving it a certain tailored look.

It's fast, inexpensive, and the answer to an odd-shaped room with a lot of protrusions! Standard stock rugs come in limited shapes and sizes, so it's not often possible to accommodate it with standard, but when it’s custom, you can create anything you want.

Carpet binding helps reduce waste since you don't have to dispose of any most leftover carpet from a new installation. It also saves money; some rugs, like Persians or Orientals, can be expensive to replace, but you can salvage a piece of the carpet. It also addresses sentimental value; sometimes, a rug is worn, but you can't part with it being a family heirloom.

Ready to get your creative juices flowing? Come in for some inspiration an area rug quote at the Good's Floor Store showroom in Decatur, IL. We’ve been making homeowners in Decatur, IL, Springfield, IL, Bloomington, IL, Champaign, IL, Forsyth, IL, Clinton, IL, Maroa, IL, && Monticello, IL happy since 1956. Come join our happy family!