What hardwood flooring species are native to Illinois?

What hardwood flooring species are native to Illinois?

Many trees grow in Illinois, including white oak, hickory, maple, and cherry. White oak is the official state tree of Illinois.

Why you might care where the tree grows

Wood flooring needs to adjust to its new environment. For example, wood expands or shrinks to adjust to the weather.

This causes cupping, crowning, gapping and more. We recommend that all wood floors be acclimated before installation. If, however, the tree moves from one extreme climate to another, it can be a little more challenging.

Aligning the moisture levels

Acclimation is a necessary but straightforward pre-installation process. Wood flooring planks are placed in the room in which they are to be installed for three to five days. Then, you can either position them on the floor or leave them in opened boxes.

The room temperature needs to be consistent with no excessive air conditioning or heat while this is being done. All wood, whether solid or engineered, must be acclimated.

Please speak to our hardwood flooring company professionals about the best way to acclimate.

American-made flooring: a trend

This is an extension of the "buy local" phenomenon. It started with traditional items, such as food and clothing, and has now extended to flooring and home decor.

Some take it even further by making sure all material used in your is locally sourced and manufactured, right here in the USA. This even includes the machines used to create each solid hardwood flooring plank!

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