Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

Four tips for choosing the perfect hardwood flooring

When you need the best hardwood flooring possible, it pays to get tips from professionals who know precisely how to guide you toward the perfect options. We will share four tips on finding your ideal wood flooring in today's post, so keep reading to find out what they are.

Here are our top wood flooring tips

While every homeowner’s requirements are different, some things stay the same. Our tip list is general, so be sure to visit us for specifics.

1. Be sure to choose a species that fits your requirements for in-house traffic levels. This is one of the essential factors in the longevity of your floors, which can reach more than 100 years with solid hardwood flooring.

2. Do not skip the acclimation process for any reason. Floors must be acclimated to provide the best results and avoid warping, splitting, cracking, or cupping.

3. For the perfect décor match, consider all your stain and finish options. There is an ideal match for your preferences and requirements, so be sure to speak with a flooring professional about the choices.

4. Take the time to view these materials for yourself, as they can look different on a computer or phone screen. Nothing compares to seeing examples of what you could have in person.

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