Does hardwood flooring have random width planks?

Does hardwood flooring have random width planks?

Yes. Also referred to as random width flooring, the floorboards are cut at varying widths to create distinctive arrangements. It’s also a good compromise for some because the rule for wood flooring used to be that smaller, more narrow rooms got narrow planks. However, wider planks are currently trending; mixed-width patterns mean you can still use the wider plank but, when mixed in with various other sizes, it can make a smaller room seem airier and more open.

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Visual interest & vintage look

Wider planks give a more antique look since they were popular in the mid-1800 century homes; in fact, this is what you'd find in historic homes. It wasn't unusual to see many different-sized floorboards in the same room; back then, it was done primarily for practical purposes, as a money-saving method. As the forests became more depleted by the late 1800s and early 1900s, wider planks decreased, and narrow ones became more the norm.

Interior designers and flooring experts generally use the most common arrangements of planks with widths of three, five, and seven inches; three, four, and six inches; or four, six, and eight inches, but any measurement can be used. These floors are versatile enough to work well in traditional or contemporary atmospheres, especially with many species, finishes, and stains.

Working with random width planks

Mixed-width planks work exceptionally well in rustic decors because they create a natural look. The randomness is similar to the way trees are naturally designed, which adds an earthy feeling to a space.

This flooring is especially suitable for large rooms with high ceilings, where a floor could easily get lost and look great in a woodsy/cottage/ cabin style where the furnishings will coordinate well with the varying shapes and colors of the floor. It can also add some warmth and charm to a room that emphasizes clean, simple lines.

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